Astromist 2.6.3

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Astromist lets you easily locate and compute position of stars (up to 2.5 million),planets or sky objects (18200 included) of most well known catalogs

It provides powerfull sky chart to easily find objects, Hipparchos and Tycho stellar catalog, objects photos, moon phases calendar to plan your observation session, many sky objects (more than 18200).

Plus, if you want to pilot your scope with your PDA, Astromist is done for you. It controls severals kind of telescope (meade, celestron, takahasi, losmandy, ouranos, bbox, ..)
and provides GPS support to locate you automatically on the earth !

Using Astromist sky chart, 2 stars alignment has been never made so easy. For more advanced astronomers,Astromist provides several stars alignment methods to get accurate pointing on sky objects and planets on every type of mount (home made with encoder or commercial home).

“Everything in a few taps and hollow your hand” was the guiding principle behind the design of Astromist.

Main feature:


  • Provide Bluetooth (and infrared) control of telescope (special rebate available for Astromist register users for the complete bluetooth hardware solution).
  • Up to 2,5 million of stars and 18200 deep sky objects using full catalogs,
  • Hi res support to display a tremendous sky chart:
    • Two kind of sky chart,
    • Dynamic Scroll using Stylus or Palm keys,
    • 320×480 or 480×320 modes,
    • Object size, shape and orientation,
    • Stars colors and sizes,
    • Optional eyepiece field of view,
    • Optional CCD field of view,
    • Several zoom level,
    • Grid with fine graduations,
    • Star magnitude legend,
    • Optional Telrad,
    • Several scope utilies to control, GoTo, improve pointing etc.
  • Virtual moon map including up to 1400 craters (up to 1800×1800 pixel on T3),
  • up to 14400 object descriptions,
  • Internal image viewer to display deep sky objet photos stored on expansion card,
  • Support many scope drivers (LX200, Autostar, Nexstar, Losmandy, Takahashy, etc),
  • GPS compatible to get observer position and elevation using cradle or bluetooth port,
  • Scope Assistant to control your scope using palm keys,
  • Jupiter Assistant to get red spot, satellites or events (shadows, eclipse, etc) ephemeris,
  • Alignment Assistant to help you to align your equatorial mount,
  • CCD Assistant to compute your CCD field of view and display it inside SkyChart,
  • CheckList Assistant (based on SAC checklist) to brig everything with you each time,
  • Location Assistant to set up to 3 prefered location settings,
  • Finder Assistant to easily browse objects,
  • Visual chart to see if object is easy to see or not considering its size, magnitude, scope dimensions and sky brightness,
  • Several Night mode,
  • And many more…